Ron Kaufman Photography

"The Beauty Of Nature Brought Closer To You."




Ponds on
Parade :

Ron and his wife Debby took a tour of ponds created by home owners in the Santa Cruz County area. The creativity was magnificent and the beauty divine.


A Collection
of Images :

Ron continually seeks out that photo opportunity that may bring joy to others. In this collection he has gathered various images that include Yosemite National Park, the Santa Cruz area, Filoli Gardens and the Carmel Coast.



Ron loves to visit gardens, nurseries, parks and wherever he can find the color and beauty of the floral world. He will study the plant at hand and take several close-up shots in order to get the images that you will see here.


Garden Settings:

Ron always looks for the hidden statue in a garden, the flowers in front of a window or flowers set on brick sills. The images are one of serenity and innocence.


Fruits & Veggies:

One might say, ?why are you taking photos of fruits and vegetables?? Very simple; look at the colors of the peppers, see the drops of moisture on the apple and take a glimpse at the grapes ripening on the vine?you will know why.


Yosemite National

Ron?s favorite ?get-away? is Yosemite National Park in the winter. The beauty of the snow falling gently to the valley floor and covering the pine trees with soft white flakes. When you are alone in the misty meadows one finds tranquility and peace of mind.



Animals come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Most of all they provide you with endless moments of pleasure. Whether it is the sad face of the orangutan or the feeding frenzy of the Koi, you will always enjoy our animal world.



There is something about the early morning mist, the boats that rest at dock or the old fishing vessels ready for sea. My ventures always find me going to the ocean and finding such scenes.


Santa Cruz

Whether young or old, who does not enjoy the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. When you open up my gallery, you will see why all ages appreciate the festive and colorful Boardwalk.