Ron Kaufman Photography

"The Beauty Of Nature Brought Closer To You."



Ron Kaufman is a California native. He was born in San Francisco and raised in the rural part of Petaluma. He also lived with his family in Scotts Valley; a small town in Santa Cruz County. He currently resides with his wife in Santa Rosa; in beautiful Sonoma County. He has always loved the outdoors, and shares this love by allowing others to see his works.

Ronís favorite photographic location is Yosemite National Park. However, he loves the Santa Cruz and Monterey County areas. And now is fortunate to be back and taking images in the Sonoma County area. Ronís main portfolio consists of floral, Yosemite National Park, animals, garden settings, fruits and vegetables and nautical scenes.

His motto is “The Beauty Of Nature Brought Closer To You”.

All photographs in this website are copyrighted original works by Ron Kaufman.

Ron hopes that you enjoy viewing the images on your own computer and that you buy them to display in your home, office or as gifts for others to enjoy. Please do not copy, print or distribute any of the photos without Ronís permission.